Battle Birds

Long ago...

The solar system lived in peace and prosperity. But everything changed when an evil clan of space-faring feline bandits, nicknamed Munchkin's Maniacs attacked planet Earth.

They quickly overwhelmed all humans, turning them into their slaves. So it fell upon Captain McCaw to summon his army of Battle Birds and put this nonsense to an end. 

But before he could, Munchkin stole all the Battle Bird eggs! Now Cpt. McCaw needs your help to get them back! The time has come for vigilant heroes to act.

The only question is – will it be you?


Each Battle Bird is unique. Find the rarest ones among 5,555 possible combinations.

66% – Common
20% – Rare
5% – Epic
1% – Legendary


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What is the mint price, and when is the launch?

The mint price and the launch date officially available in our Discord

What's the per sale mint price?

 0.75 SOL. Per sale is on 12 FEB at 2:00 EST

How do I mint ​BATTLE BIRDS?

We will reveal our mint url on Twitter and Discord moments before launch (in order to deter botting). Keep your eye on social media and Discord for the link, and come prepared to make fast transactions!

Make sure you have Phantom Wallet installed, and make sure it's funded with Solana.

When you arrive on the minting page, press the "Connect Wallet" button and select Phantom wallet. The countdown timer above will turn into a Mint button when it reaches 0 REFRESH the page and smash the mint button and get you a Battle Bird !